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Lyrics for Beauty School

Beauty School
Sometimes / everything / things will just / get you down/ bad news on the tv / everywhere you look / everywhere you walk / makes you wonder / why you even get out of bed/ now I'm lost / no place to go/now I'm lost / a lost soul / makes a man wonder / makes a man think / why he's always walking around / walking around under this rain cloud / I ask myself / I ask myself / what can I do? / to better this world / make it beautiful / for me and you/lord, I don't know / what to do / I don't even know / if I can do anything at all / I wish that / there's some place / some place to go / where I could learn / 'bout love and beauty too / then everything / I would do / oh, lord show me / your beauty school / well, you showed me / you took me there / opened up my eyes lord / you colored in the signs / oh, you gave me / that education / oh, you raised my / expectations / now with a touch / of your hand / I walk away / from all that pain / now I make beauty / on my own / no more waiting / for good to come / drive away the clouds / lord, see that sunshine / now I want you / want you to see / what I learned / to see / there's beauty / in the trees / and it's all around me / even in the laughter / of a lover's eyes

Sexy Pepsy
Sexy pepsy, how you do these things to me (x2) / I'm begging you / don't shake (x2) / don't shake that thing / for no one else but me / sexy pepsy, don't shake your love / sexy pepsy, gonna blow your top right off / stop me / in my tracks / close your eyes / when you dance / you don't see me no more / sexy pepsy, how you do these things to me (x2) / when you dance / see you / need you / close your eyes / you don't see me no more

Reflections in a Bad Light
Lie awake / middle of the night / the bathroom mirror / it wouldn't lie / old man face / old man eyes / old man face / old man eyes / reflections in a bad light / starring at / the mirror behind / behind the bar / makes me sad / makes me want to / order more / oh, no / oh, no / reflections in a bad light / cocaine / cocaine / oh, lord / oh, lord / mirror cracked / shattered / like my nerves / lord, I can't take no more / reflections in a bad light / laying on / my back / neon signs / float by / as the ambulance / drives away / the last thing / I see / in the windshield / tonight / looking straight / back at me / the last thing / I see / before my soul / soul leaves / reflections in a bad light (x2) / reflecting back on me

Needy Greedy
I know / I'm wrong / to want / to hold / have you / in my arms / these dreams / torture me / every night, lord / every night / can't forget / when we met / paralyzed / I'm sick / it's all you / it's all you / my life / now I see / is a waste / yeah / without you / hold the phone / can't call / see your door / won't knock / hear your name / heart stops / now I know / now I see / I'd be with you / if you were free / outside / in the rain / I'm a man / I understand / outside / in the rain / I'm a man / I understand / can't catch / your heart / hold my head / in my hands / she's with / another man / can't have / your love / your love / can't have / can't catch / what's been caught

Rewind My Mind
All of my friends / they wonder why / I haven't said / goodbye / but they can't see / these webs stuck to me / unbreakable / unsatiable / like a spell / strangler strong / no end in sight / even the stars / lose their light / now I'm wishing / through these clenched eyes / as tears pour / and I cry / I cry / I wish / if I, I could / rewind time / then I'd / erase you / from my mind / never / fall in love / never / lose my heart / never / be lost / lost in the dark / if I could / I would

Let My Heart (Rest in Peace)
Why don't / you let my heart / rest in peace / bury it deep below / in ground so cold / where no one else can see / one can't / bring something back / back from the dead / is it so hard to believe? / some sad endings reveal / not all pain should be feared / let them / flowers in this grave / let them be / memories like seeds can grow / what will they now become? / roses red with thorns? / I love you (x3) / it's so hard to walk away from you / it's so hard / let it be / let my heart / rest in peace / for love it can / never beat / oh, never, never again / let it be / let my heart / rest in peace / open your hand / release my heart / let it, let it go

Q & A
People always come up and ask me / why is your band called / the crack pipes? / I always tell them / as long as there's a poor side of town / we'll be called the crack pipes / and as long as I see people driven crazy by the madness of this world / we'll be called the crack pipes / you know / I see people running around thinking that nothing has any value unless there is money wrapped all around it / you know that kind of thinking just leads to little children running around with not enough food to eat / and no shoes on their feet / you know as long as there's fools in the white house who think they can bomb people in to freedom / why I think my band has to be called the crack pipes / because people like that never gonna see the light on their own / now you got to draw the lightening bolt down from the storm clouds / you got to be the lightening rod / and shoot that electricity out through your fingers and through out the land / you gotta take away the darkness where these people hide / and that's what we've come here to share with you tonight / we're here to tell you / little children don't have to be crying all alone / and you don't have to be hiding in your home / you can bring that lightening down / you can be that lightening bolt / and that is the answer / the answer that will set all of us free / it's in you / it's in me

Make-Out Party
You got to turn the lights down / now she's holding your hand / yeah / good god if you don't understand / people just / got to make out / got to set / set my people free / got to set them free / good god if you don't understand / we're gonna make out / yeah (x3) / gonna make out fine / if I can get you alone / gonna make out / yeah, yeah gonna make out / gonna make out fine / we don't need / need more war / we don't want / want no more / get up / lock the door / come on / we're gonna make out / yeah (x3) / gonna make out fine / are we gonna make out? / are we doing fine? / are we gonna make out? / make out (x3) / everybody gotta make out / and we'll make out fine / even the presidents / gotta make out some time / everybody in harms way / should make out / make out today / and they'll / be okay / yeah / we're gonna make out / yeah (x3) / it's make out time

Guerrilla Haircuts
She stood tall above the crowd / her jacket across her shoulder / it was scuffed and weathered / but she knew how to flash a smile / I asked a friend what it is was she did / she said you'll know in awhile / guerrilla haircuts / anyplace, anytime, anywhere / guerrilla haircuts / this girl will cut your hair / now many times after midnight / I found myself alone / the city was a movie / the stereo was the sound / feeling nothing night after night / I'd always track her down / guerrilla haircuts / anyplace, anytime, anywhere / guerrilla haircuts / this girl will cut your hair / now whenever I may find her / she's ready and sharp to cut / in a crowded dance hall / or in a bathroom stall / she's done it almost everywhere / even at the top of the highest stair / guerrilla haircuts / anyplace, anytime, anywhere / guerrilla haircuts / this girl will cut your hair / they think / that it is wrong / but they're / strapped in their chairs / at their / barbershops / and salons / they can't be free / they're not like you and me / they'll never get guerrilla haircuts

East Side Injections
The needle stuck / at the end of the song / as rain falls lightly against the window / of our scattered debris / of friends and family / paralyzed by surprise eulogies / and cries at last minute funerals / all those mothers left holding nothing / goodbye William / goodbye Stacy / I watched your eyes grow dark and die / I know longer knew you / and saddest of all / was Jessica's fall / who found the taste of life so unfilling / she's unwilling / to stop playing / this broken record

I Was So Worried About You
Your voice on the answering machine / the last time / I heard from you / oh, would it, would it be / last thing I'd hear from you / I was so worried about you / the news I heard / it was horrifying / in my head / I saw you dying / so far, so far away / I could watch / and I could pray / I was so worried about you / when I heard your voice on the receiver / my heart / wanted to stand still / even in this crooked world / heaven's blessing brought you home to me / I was so worried about you (x2)

There are things / you just don't want to be / some kinds of evil / that you hate to see / five lay dead / on the streets of Greensboro / and the police / just watched this hurtful sorrow / the klansmen shot / them down in broad daylight / even with / tv cameras in plain sight / lord, I heard them screams / lord, I saw the fright / for 88 seconds / the klan unleashed their might / 7 wounded / and 5 in their graves / there's something more special / that wasn't saved / no justice ever came / for those poor slain / no punishment / for those who caused such pain / goddamned / are those who looked the other way / knowing the plans / of those who came that day / the police and the klan / can share the blame / on this occasion / their actions were the same / I hope all the men / in that 9 car caravan / burn in hell / bit by that infernal flame / remember the reverend / johnson's words / "dying is not / the worst thing in the world / why don't we stand / for something while we live" / you got to live or die / like those 5 did / we can't ever forget / morningside heights / even when the courts / dim those justice lights / where did this happen? / where did this take place? / way on down / in greensboro