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The following is an excerpt from an interview with Austin, Texas garage rock band the Crack Pipes. The interview was conducted by Missy Van der Boten for the Teen Death zine out of Pflugerville, Texas.

TD: Does labeling, using the term "garage rock," tend to obscure what's happening?

CP: We're not sure. That was some fine TV though.

TD: It's like "pop gospel." What does the term mean to you?

CP: To me that sounds like something you'd hear on the midnight show, like if you were a trucker on a long haul. Yeah, like the old cb term "milk run to the mini state." It sounds real americana, ma, apple pie...

TD: How did you become politicized?

CP: For me it was when they shot that missile at the capitol building. (Mike the drummer interrupts) The petty bourgeois, driven to frenzy by the horrors of capitalism, is a social phenomenon which, like anarchism, is a characteristic of all capitalist countries. The instability of such revolutionariness, its liability to become swiftly transformed into submission, apathy, fantasy, and even a frenzied infatuation with one or another bourgeois fad - all this is a matter of common knowledge.

TD: So you formed a political action committee so they would take you seriously?

CP: No... we formed a rock-n-roll band. It seemed more primal. Yeah, and cheaper. We didn't know any senators.

TD: A lot of people who are feeling disenfranchised are turning towards the militia movement. Why do you think that's so appealing?

CP: We're not sure... maybe they've read too much into the words of Thomas Paine?

TD: I think you started out to say that music was more in tune with what's happening that other art forms.

CP: I wouldn't call What's Happening art. Maybe Rerun's dancing, but not the actual show.

TD: What will you all do when the success of your present kind of music fades?

CP: Maybe we'll disappear like that Lew Welch guy?

TD: Who?


[originally appeared on Golden Hour web site]