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Lyrics for Snakes in My Veins

Cinnamon Roll
Darkest deeds tattoo my shame / where only stars can guide me home / I closed my eyes and lost my sight / just like a fortune teller had warned / I heard her warning just a little too late (x2) / sweetest sugar is deep inside / deep inside your soul / I love you (x3) / I love you, cinnamon roll / like a drunken brawl is loud / my heart and mind growl / without hands the stumbling blind / hide on ghost's highways / only to hear the sirens whine (x2) / sweetest sugar is deep inside / deep inside your soul / I love you (x3) / I love you, cinnamon roll / puzzles riddle me straight through / like the past I travel to / my heart begs for you / give me some hints give me a clue / I'm down on my knees / praying I find you / I pray I can find you / sweetest sugar is deep inside / deep inside your soul / I love you (x3) / I love you, cinnamon roll

Dollar Signs
Down on Maxwell / wiseman incense burns / find your trust in god / on the back of a dollar bill / roll up that dollar / and you got yourself a church / suck in some smoke / and blow away your dreams and hopes / I never saw the devil's clause / all I saw were those dollar signs / now learn you child / about what I speak / down on Maxwell / you can roll in the street / never get high enough / to look upon his heavenly face / wiseman knows what's real / wiseman knows what's fake / I never saw the devil's clause / all I saw were those dollar signs / my eyes are rolling / shaking and rattling / like a sleeping pill / that's the devil's in / knock, knock, knocking / knocking on my window sill / don't that devil know / that my soul is tired and poor / I never saw the devil's clause / all I saw were those dollar signs

Avenues and Boulevards
Avenues and boulevards / ain't much reward / for dreams fought so hard / closed stores and houses falling down / crowned by your name / on the poor side of time / unhealed scars across our land / will the wounds heal? / can we rise up and stand? / these streets were meant to appease / shame,shame,shame / if your mind's put at ease / boulevards and avenues / wish we all were / working for another view / break the chains that bind these roads / rearrange the signs / think in different modes / boulevards and avenues / change (x3) / we've got to change

United Snakes
I've got / nothing to believe in / I've had / nothing to believe in / give me / something to believe in / a wise man said / one song sung / can tell / a million people they're wrong / whatever / my head is numb / living life / like I was dead / no future / for my generation / can't get / some concentration / it's real / real frustration / got nothing / got nothing / nothing to believe in / give me / give me / something to believe in

Super Motel 8
In april in march or june / the weather is nice if it rains / it pours inside our tomb / we can knock on wood / cross our fingers and hold our tongues / for what? / do the crippled seek? / in their parades down main street / I won't even speak / of the horror underlit and in bloom / rearrange my furniture / lock the door to my room / now silence is not sound / for what? / do the crippled seek? / but a new limb to hang on, yeah / television sparks kiss like lips / goodbye / dressed in black widow tones / hang up, break your phone / hello, baby I'm coming home / that's what the crippled seek / hiding underneath my bed / oh, what a super motel 8

Snakes in My Veins
I got black venom / all in my arm / your sweet bite / simmers and boils / steal my mind / steal my days / cry sweet tears, I'll never be the same / oh,lord,no, I've got snakes in my veins / bad blood / all sick and sore / your dark magic / got a wicked course / suck my life / straight out of me / scream inside, won't be heard from again / no, no, no, I've got snakes in my veins / night crawlers / all step aside / snakes hiss / in my insides / wrapped tight / with your poison kiss / until I die, can't do nothing for this / swarming snakes in my veins

You make me shake / when you talk / you make the night / seem real dark / got barbed wire / 'round my heart / what went wrong? / my little h-bomb / evil you done me / should never have start / I got lost / in your heart / now I'm trapped / can't get out / I'm weak, you're strong / my little h-bomb / I'm tired of working / too tired to try / take the right pills / all the wrong times / I'm burning out / I'm burning up / you'll explode when I'm gone / my little h-bomb / h-bomb baby, yeah

Jawbone Blues
I've been drinking / I've been thinking / I've been driving / all around to you, son / I've been drinking / I've been breathing / I've been riding / down on you,son / now you better put your hands on a gun, son / 'cause, I've been looking in the bible to find anything to keep me from taking my revenge on you / son / I've been painting my eyes black / I've been looking over my back / 'cause I can feel a shadow's touch telling me you're the unborn one / that'll poison our wells and sicken the land / you're gonna see no more days rising sun / you disrespected your father once too often / I'll tear down your peaceful home and burn it's timber to light your funeral / you / son / of / mine / you better run (x2) / I know it's wrong (x2) / but I ain't gonna stop until one of us is gone

Never Happy
One more night / and the stars shine / don't seem right / and my mind / is filled with fire / that burns behind my eyes / and lights up my room / even in the darkest night / fires fueled / by memories of you / it wasn't long ago / when I had everything / under control / yes, I started off on the right foot with you / but, I couldn't dance that dance for long / that's when you taught me / that love is a knife that cuts / and I learned / just what a needle could mend / I warned you near the end / that I'd rather break your heart / then ever end up breaking your neck / but you must have thought something else / for you seemed so surprised / when I left that night / for I left you first / I know you wondered why / oh, lord, I asked myself the very same thing / and I found I could fool the whole wide world / but there was one person I could not deceive / someone who wouldn't play make believe / yes,it's true I could make you laugh / but I could never make you happy / I could never make you happy